Our Menu

We have worked hard to perfect our formulas to make sure we bring something that is delicious while keeping the healthy in it!

  • Smoothies

    No Milk
    200 Calories
    24 G Protein
    21 Essential Vitamins
    0 Trans Fats
    12 Choices!

  • Protein Doughnuts
    Protein Doughnuts

    4 of the doughnuts contain:
    10.5 G Protein
    110 Calories
    Gluten Free
    Almond Flour or Oatmeal
    No Milk

  • Acai Bowls
    Acai Bowls

    30.3 G Protein
    253 Calories
    20 Carbs
    Fresh Fruit

  • Crepes

    250 Calories
    2 G Sugar
    21 G Protein
    Gluten Free
    Made with No Milk

  • Loaded Teas
    Loaded Teas

    0 Sugar
    24 Calories
    20 Different Choices
    Supports Brain Function
    Reduces Mental Fatigue
    Boba Options available

  • Protein Coffee
    Protein Coffee

    15 G Protein
    100 Calories
    1 G Sugar
    Made with No Milk

  • Tea

    Hot Teas
    5 Calories
    0 Sugar
    Green Tea Extracts
    Boosts Metabolism

  •  Protein Waffles
    Protein Waffles

    18.75 G Protein
    239 Calories
    Gluten Free
    Almond Flour
    No Milk